Apart from our work on non-profit products and the further development of our software Adhocracy, we provide support for organisations and companies wishing to use Adhocracy for their purposes. Due to the voluntary nature of our work and the limited resources provided by membership fees and donations, we provide a highly professional and comprehensive consulting service via LDSupport.

We look forward to hearing from you, and discussing your needs and requirements as an organisation, in a free initial meeting. Read on to find out details about our services.

we offer a variety of services, ranging from the set-up and supervision of an Adhocracy instance on our Adhocracy installation (, to the set-up and supervision of your own installation on our association’s server, or alternatively the set-up and supervision of an Adhocracy installation on your own server. More

We look forward to advising you on opportunities for democratising your company or organisation; and on request, working on a detailed concept for the implementation. To create successful concepts all concerned parties have to be involved in the process. With this in mind, we create concepts based on the specific goals, structures and processes of your organisation or company. More

The design of an Adhocracy installation can be adapted and adjusted to suit the individual needs of your organisation or company. Your Adhocracy installation can be fitted to integrate itself seamlessly into your corporate image and identity.More

we develop Adhocracy modularly to ensure that is easily applicable to a wide variety of contexts and can be used by different organisations and companies for diverse purposes. This means that we would be happy to develop adhocracy specifically for the requirements of your project and process, developing new modules for unexplored uses of Adhocracy. Team More

Project Supervision
We also offer counselling on your Adhocracy installation. This includes reliable support and a person of contact available to your staff at all times. As part of the project supervision you will be updated on relevant updates to the software. Moreover, your process will be evaluated and strategies for process optimisation developed. More

Editorial work
Adhocracy functions to automaticcally structure the discourse and activity on the platform through user activity. However, it is helpful for users if a professional editorial team updates and filters, and displays relevant information about the participation process, the current debates and important outcomes of the parcitipative process. .More

Members of the initiating company or organisation are most familiar with the content matter, thus it usually makes sense to manage the Adhocracy installation in this way. To qualify employees and staff for the use of Adhocracy we provide training’s for all aspects of the process. More

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a free first consultation!