We look forward to consulting you on opportunities to democratise your company or organisation. Working from an analysis of the relevant structures in your organisation or company we create a detailed overall concept, working together with you to develop a sustainable outcome adapted to your specific needs. We offer the following consultancy options:

  • An extensive, in-depth analysis of all structures relevant to the project. This includes organizational, temporal and personnel structures, as well as targets and concepts.
  • Using the findings of this analysis we work together with you to develop goals that are to be achieved with the Adhocracy installation.
  • Finally, we develop a tangible working concept, including a detailed definition of targets and implementation strategies and the use of Adhocracy (with possible graphic or modular adaptions). Furthermore, time and personell expenditures are calculated.

Apart from conceptual consultation we offer project supervision and support. This enables us to provide a reliable and constant monitoring and evaluation of your project, to adjust the project plan to new situations and challenges if necessary. Through this, a target orientated implementation of your project is made possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions and queries to our services.