We offer you a variety of options on how to set-up and maintain your Adhocracy installation. We cater to a variety of needs, so that you can choose a Server according to your requirements and budget.

  • Our installation is free to use. Individual instances (groups) can be set up free of cost. Individual graphic and modular adjustments are not available.
  • For large-scale or comprehensive projects our internal association’s server is available. On this server we offer you the opportunity to create an Installation fitted to your exact requirements, with multiple instances (groups), graphically and modularly complex and adjusted to your needs.
  • The set-up and maintenance of an installation on an external or private server is also possible. The configuration of individual graphic, modular or other adaptations and adjustments and services is included.

Apart from this our services include:

  • On request we assume responsibility for the installation and maintenance of further services such as mail or FTP servers.
  • We also take responsibility for the care and upkeep of the software. Patches and Bugs are fixed and attended to as soon as possible. This also holds for services working together with the Adhocracy software such as the mail server or FTP server.

For free cost estimates or questions and queries of any sort, contact us.